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From downtown lovers to mountain explorers, every couple's love story is different. Which is why there’s so much to share with you! Here on my blog, you’ll find wedding planning resources, past stories, and inspiration. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your wedding day or insight on helpful tips, I have just the post for you. So let’s dive in!

Bruneau Dunes Idaho Engagement

Isaac and Alex’s engagement session at Bruneau Sand Dunes in Idaho was nothing short of spectacular. Nestled among the sweeping landscapes and towering dunes, the couple found the perfect backdrop to capture their love story. From the outset, they expressed a clear vision: they wanted their photos to feel like them, authentic and real, with […]

Adding Personal Touch: The Magic of Props in Your Idaho Engagement Sessions

Engagement sessions are more than just photo shoots; they’re an opportunity to capture the essence of your relationship, the genuine moments that make your bond unique. One way to infuse authenticity and intimacy into your Idaho engagement is by incorporating props. Whether it’s a cherished item, a shared hobby, or a beloved pet, props can […]

Engagement Photo Outfits Guide!

Before we dive into it…. We all need a little extra guidance especially when it comes to big things like your engagement photo outfits. This isn’t about helping you dress to match trends or stand out, it’s designed to help you choose outfits that reflect who you are while giving your engagement photographer room to […]