Hello there! I’m Tessa, a Northwest wedding photographer!

From my earliest days, I've been dubbed a social butterfly, finding joy in connecting with people and fostering meaningful relationships. As I navigated the journey of life, I developed a keen awareness and understanding of emotions—the highs, the lows, the raw, and the beautiful. It dawned on me early on that these emotions make life, life. And that's pretty beautiful. 

And what more captivating way to capture the essence of our journey than through the lens of a camera,

Now as a Northwest wedding photographer, I’m traveling from Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, really anywhere you want me to go and breaking it down on the dance floor with you and your people. But most importantly, I spend my days ensuring that my clients feel like a top priority.

freezing moments in time and preserving the emotions that define us?

Living a full and present life is so important to me!

On the days I am not photographing weddings or working all the behind the scenes actions, you can find me out enjoying a soft pretzel at 10 Barrel, hiking in the mountains with my family, or navigating the ups and downs of learning to roller skate—mostly just falling flat on my ass. And if my ever-supportive husband, Isaac, is in tow, you can bet we'll be sharing laughter that echoes through the surroundings.

I am a devoted mother to 2 doggs. Oscar is my 12-year- old Pug who thoroughly enjoys cheese and sleep. Kevin is the newest member of the family, he is a Golden Retriever puppy who loves socks. And my absolute favorite kid is my intensely amazing 3-year-old daughter. She fills my life with boundless joy. She is the most vibrant thread of my life. 

I'm a BIG FAN of Noah Kahan, Halloween, talking to strangers, and using your turn signal!

And if you ever see me out and about, please don’t hesitate to say hello!

But enough about me! It’s your story I can’t wait to tell!

Blending storytelling with true to color tones to create images that will bring you back to the exact moment the camera was snapped.

My mission is to document images that bring back all the same feels. With a visual narrative approach to photographing your day, you can rest assured that the emotional depth and authenticity of each moment will be captured. As your visual storyteller, I strive to freeze moments that capture what your day really felt like. Your memories deserve to be more than mere snapshots—they deserve to be timeless reminders of the genuine connections and emotions that make your story uniquely yours. This blend of storytelling with true to color tones defines my photography philosophy.

"Her energy is off the charts, her vibes are immaculate, and her talent is unmatched."


"10/10 human, she is so easy to befriend and feel like you’ve known each other your whole life."


"She is flexible, accommodating, thorough, time efficient, and most of all extremely talented."


"She makes everything feel easy and natural, and is incredibly approachable and kind."


"She creates such a supportive environment where she truly listens to your wants."


My work

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